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October 25, 2014


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Message From President Schaitberger on Ebola Preparedness

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Now Is the Time to Get Prepared

IAFF members - the professional fire fighters and paramedics who are first on scene in an emergency -- must be ready to respond to possible cases of Ebola. 

In this video General President Harold Schaitberger stresses the importance of making sure that jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada are providing the training, equipment and funding needed to respond appropriately and safely to potential Ebola incidents.


More information on Ebola preparedness is available online and on the IAFF Frontline app. The IAFF will be updating this site daily with the latest information on the Ebola virus. 

Download the app at Google Play or iTunes. 



Across the United States and Canada, IAFF members will be wearing pink this October — just one of the many ways to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Fire fighters get involved for many reasons, and often it’s because they have been personally affected by the disease. Fire fighters exposed to carcinogens and other chemicals while on the job are disproportionately diagnosed with breast cancer — just one of many cancers linked to the work fire fighters do.

Through the years and, through their collective efforts, IAFF affiliates have raised funds benefiting national and local organizations dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.

This year, the IAFF is again encouraging affiliates to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns. The International has once again partnered with Susan G. Komen and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) for affiliates who chose to join the Passionately Pink for the Cure program or support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF).

In the last three years, hundreds of IAFF affiliates in the United States have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars through the Passionately Pink program, with the donations shared equally between Susan G. Komen and the IAFF Charitable Foundation. Funds are used to help Komen support breast cancer research, screening and treatment programs and to help the IAFF Foundation support IAFF members and family members who are battling cancer. For additional information about participating in Passionately Pink, click here or email

In Canada, affiliates can help raise funds for breast cancer research through CBCF activities, such as running or walking the CBIC Run for the Cure, registering a run team under the IAFF national team, helping out at a local CIBC run or organizing a pink T-shirt campaign. For more information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiatives in Canada, contact Sandy Hamamoto at

In addition, the IAFF will hold its annual online “Best Pink T-shirt Design” contest beginning October 1.

Watch for details on the IAFF web site, as well as other resources for campaign fundraising efforts.Please note: To be eligible, T-shirts displaying the IAFF logo MUST be union made, or when union products are not available must be made in the United States and Canada. Click here to enter.

PFFM Delegates Vote Unanimiously to Endorse Martha Coakley for Governor #WeSupportThoseWhoSupportUs

PFFM Delegates Vote Unanimiously to Endorse

Martha Coakley for Governor

#WeSupportThoseWhoSupportUs    #FFforCoakley

On September 18, 2014, at the monthly state meeting of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, the assembled delegates listened to arguments for endorsing a candidate for Massachusetts Governor.  

After all the information and facts were presented, the delegates voted unanimously to endorse Martha Coakley.

Martha Coakley is a life long prosecutor and wife to a police detective.  She understands the needs of public safety and the importance of our first responders.  Coakley values the role fire fighters play in Homeland Security efforts and the need to keep our leadership at the forefront as those roles grow and evolve.  She will afford the leaders of the PFFM access to the Governor’s Office as she has done as Attorney General and will treat our issues with the respect and consideration they deserve. 

Martha Coakley understands the difficulties felt by our families when our loved one’s send us to work knowing we will be in harm’s way because she has sent her husband to work the same way.  She knows the stress of being dependent on a pension that is constantly threatened, because she will rely on that pension too.

Also considered at the meeting were the consequences of electing Charlie Baker as our next Governor.  While campaigning, Baker has said he will cut $550 million in taxes, but has refused to explain how he would fund such cuts.  But Charlie Baker has a track record showing how he operates as a decision maker and a previous campaign for Governor which shows us where his values lie

As CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health, Baker cut his workforce in half from 4,000 to 2,000 employees.  He consolidated jobs, outsourced, and laid off employees.  He did this while tripling his pay to $1.7 million and raising rates on his customers by 150%.

A member of the Pioneer Institute, Baker has said he will do the same types of cuts and changes as Governor.  

Charlie Baker has said he will:

  • Cap our pensions, while requiring you to contribute at your same rate, but prohibit you from collecting beyond the cap
  • Calculate your pension based on the average of your career, not as it is currently calculated, costing you tens of thousands of dollars each year of your retirement
  • Privatize public employee jobs
  • Eliminate payment of your accrued time upon retirement
  • Eliminate 5,000 state jobs
  • Eliminate Collective Bargaining for health care
  • Eliminate the requirement for labor contracts for state contractors
  • Eliminate “overly generous” retiree benefits

Charlie Baker will not say how he will cut $550 million in revenues...

but we can figure it out.

In the coming weeks that lead up to the November 4th Election, the PFFM will provide you with all the information you need to educate yourself, your brothers and sisters in the firehouse, and your family and friends, about the Governor’s race and the other races the PFFM has endorsed across the Commonwealth.


NBC NIGHLY NEWS: Every Second Counts

MDA Fighting Back Against ALS

Fight Like TK

In early June, Tommy, the four year old son of our President Ed Kelly complained for several days of tummy aches. His parents, Katy and Eddie, decided on Sunday, June 8th to take him into Children’s Hospital just to make sure everything was ok.  Their lives were turned upside down when what they thought might be the flu or perhaps appendicitis was diagnosed to be stage four kidney Cancer. 

Within days Doctors had confirmed a Wilms’ Tumor - an oftentimes treatable cancer- however, it was not something they could simply remove. The cancer had metastasized to Tommy’s lungs and vena cava.  Tommy will have a tough road ahead, starting with chemotherapy treatment in an effort to shrink the tumor to a point that it can be removed.  After his next surgery, Tommy will continue chemotherapy for several months.

Six weeks after his initial diagnosis, Tommy has already overcome several obstacles to his treatment.  His wellness varies daily but, fortunately, the good days are starting to outnumber the bad and many of us have been able to enjoy that infectious smile of his!  Our prayer is that this trend continues until Tommy is Cancer free and beyond.

For more information, please click the logo at the top of the page to visit the web site dedicated to TK. The web site will be updated regularly with information about TK's progress and upcoming events to support his needs.

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